About Us

To nurture the intellectual, physical, and emotional capabilities of each child is the intent of Elkhorn School.  Our school is a community encouraging independent thinkers who positively promote the value and dignity of all our members.  Part of Elkhorn's staff philosophy is to model our expectations, and to communicate regularly with parents and students regarding students' academic progress and behavior.  In order to implement our vision, the following experiences will be offered to Elkhorn students:As intellectual learners, our students will have the opportunity to:

  • access a standards based curriculum
  • grow intellectually, be challenged and appreciated, and strive for excellence
  • be lifelong learners and develop an integrated view of the world
  • acquire organizational and study skills
  • demonstrate their multiple intelligences
  • use common sense and problem solving
  • acquire leadership skills

As physical and emotional learners, our students will have an opportunity to:

  • participate in cooperative activities and develop as team players
  • feel physically and emotionally safe
  • respect individual differences and diversity
  • share and celebrate talents and excellence

As contributors to the learning environment, our students will demonstrate:

  • respect of others and property
  • responsibility in thier academic and social growth

relationship building as an important part of a learning community

Elkhorn School